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Entrepreneur, Author, Public Speaker and Philanthropist

How do you juggle being an entrepreneur, public speaker, author and philanthropist? Just ask Steven Barbarich, for he does it allSteven Barbarich (Steve 
Barbarich) CEO.

Steven Barbarich CEO

A graduate of Claremont College’s Harvey Mudd College with a degree in engineering, Steve Barbarich soon found himself disinterested in his degree of choice. Rather, he became intrigued by the invention and patenting processes and developed his own products, which he then placed in major retail venues across the nation. Afterward, Steven Barbarich wrote the book, The Complete Manual on How to Make Money from Your Inventions and Patents, to help others do the same. This handbook is noteworthy and really supports readers with tips, guides and practical advice on these topics. Since its publication, he has been asked to speak on the topics many times.

On the heels of that success, Barbarich founded the company AbsolutelyNew, a consumer products company that does a lot of what his book speaks of, making him a recognized leader in this industry.

Steve Barbarich Starts E-Commerce Companies with Success

Never satisfied with one or two success stories, Steven Barbarich has started e-commerce companies quickly gaining strength in the online realm. He relies on excellent customer service, outstanding sales support and his ability to work with his teams and his clients to make the customers’ dreams of owning luxury items such as hot tubs and outdoor kitchens and necessities like fireplaces and stoves come true affordably and with quality. The goods he sells are of the finest quality imaginable and Steve Barbarich stands behind every product he sells. His sites take the factory direct approach, meaning he works directly with the manufacturers, weeding out middlemen such as retailers and distributors who cause products to be marked up. This makes his prices the lowest on the internet and anywhere else. Steven Barbarich guarantees it.

Steven Barbarich Donates to Cause-Related Organizations

Another interest Steven Barbarich sustains is that of philanthropy. He thinks giving back to the community, the nation and the world is important for good karma and increased business success. In 2005, he donated to the American Red Cross and the Gulf Coast Fund for Community Renewal and Ecological Health and donated proceeds from sales of hot tubs to help survivors of Hurricanes Rita and Ike to assist in any way he could.

In 2009, his philanthropy continued. For example, he donated money from sales of hot tubs to the Mills-Peninsula Breast Centers in San Mateo and South San Francisco to help women get free mammograms for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Then he assisted in the plight of runaway teens and young adults by giving to the Covenant House, Oakland, at Christmastime. Then, the home has Project Christmas CAROL (Care about Remembering Overlooked Lives), which brings presents to the young people in the program there. Steve Barbarich believes in helping these causes as not only does California have one of the highest rates of breast cancer incidents in the nation, but also San Francisco is home to hundreds of thousands of homeless people because of its relatively mild climate and decent weather.

Steven Barbarich also loves playing soccer and can be found most weekends kicking around a ball – and thus having a ball, just as he is with all his endeavors.

ChooseHotTubsDirect Announces Hurricane Relief Effort - CEO Steve Barbarich Donates

Portable hottub, spas, and jacuzzi dealer to donate over $500 and asks public for support

choosehottubsdirect hurricane relief steve barbarichHurricane Ike devestated the vulnerable continental shelf of Texas a little over a month ago. With little federal aid, the communities around the region are still badly in need of assistance. Houston, Texas, was hit particularly hard and has been struggling to restore the city of over 2.2 million to its pre-Hurricane Ike conditions. However, there does not seem to be an end in sight just yet. Recently, the Red Cross announced that it will be ceasing operations in the city and closing the doors to the last of its twenty-four facilities that were hit by the storm. Considering that 300 more Hurrican Ike victims will be left homeless after the Red Cross is forced to close its last Houston shelter and countless more if they must close shelters in other cities, support from all around the nation is critical to the Texan rebuilding process.

ChooseHotTubsDirect, founded by Stephen Barbarich, is doing their part to assist the Hurricane Ike victims by asking for the support of their customers. The San Francisco, California-based hottubcompany is an online seller of portable spas, hottubs & jacuzzis. Soon after the hurricane left Cuba and swept the Gulf Coast, the zealous Mr. Barbarich had his company partner with the Gulf Coast Fund to create a wider effort in aiding the region's victims. During this month of October, ChooseHotTubsDirect will be donating $15 for all Paradise Hottub Spas sold on its website.

Mr. Steve Barbarich, an active philanthropist was pleased to announce that that the online portable spa dealer is on track to raise over $500 this month, according to the update in the Info Center. Moreover, the company hopes to raise $1,000 from jacuzzi hottub sales by the end of the month. It's wonderful to know the money they'll donate will benefit countless lives seeking food, clothes, and shelter.

If you were ever wanted to upgrade your home with an affordable, new hottub, check out the Paradise Hottub Spa. It looks great in the picture displayed on the ChooseHotTubsDirect spa website. If green doesn't suit your fancy or match the beautiful color scheme you tailored to your home, you can choose from an assortment of other colors for the Interior and Cabinet (11 and 4 colors, respectively). That comes to a grand total of forty-four possible, unique jacuzzi hottub color combinations to choose from (if the math is correct, that is). A hottub like this normally costs a staggering $12,500.00 at your typical retail hottub outlet. However, you'll notice that this portable spa is affordably priced at $5499.99, which saves you a whopping $7001.00 to do as you please... like donating to the Hurricane Ike relief efforts for instance.

In fact, if you are feeling rather generous, ChooseHotTubsDirect is encouraging members of the public & spas customers to give direct contributions as well. You can do so by following these instructions taken directly from the ChooseHotTubsDirect Charity page:

You can donate to the Gulf Coast Fund online at or send donations by check to Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, ATTN: The Gulf Coast Fund, 6 W 48th Street, 10th Floor New York, NY 10036.

For more information about ChooseHotTubsDirect Charity Projects, please visit the Charity page.

Steve Barbarich - CEO

Steve Barbarich is the founder and CEO of and was founded on the principal of the ever-waning customer service, which has shown a steady decline for the last 60-100 years or so.

With the online convenience of his company and the super low factory direct pricing, the result is a company that stands out in the face of tough competition. Plans are in the works to launch other complimentary sites as well as the company continues to grow.

Steven Barbarich - Author

Steve is the author of the book “The Complete Manual on How to Make Money From Your Inventions and Patents” and he is directly responsible for bringing multiple product to the market which are presently for sale in major retail store such as Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreens and many others. Some of his own inventions are among the many that he is responsible for having placed.

Steve boasts more than 20 years experience in product development and is the founder of Absolutely New, which is a world class consumer product company that focuses on bringing these products to retail stores. The company is funded by venture capital, and it develops and manufactures products that are invented independent inventors. His extensive knowledge of product development and intellectual property has led to great working relationships with these major retailers.

Steve Barbarich - Philanthopist

Steve Barbarich, along with his many other attributes, is also a philanthropist.  When Hurricane Ike devastated the continental shelf of Texas, he put out the call to all customers, existing and new, and pledged to donate $15.00 for every Paradise Hot Tub sold by the company with the money being earmarked to provide food, clothing and shelter to the victims.

Steven Barbarich on Customer Service

“Back in the day” as some of the baby boomers would say, customer service was almost a personal experience to consumers. That has largely fallen by the wayside however in the hustle and bustle that we live as a part of today. Not so with Steve Barbarich however. He and his companies have vowed that each and every customer would get the care and attention they deserve when they are dealing with them.

In today’s age of anonymity, customer service becomes even more important than it once was. There is heavy competition in nearly every sector and the company that places emphasis on the customer comes first, as it used to be, is the company that is going to still be standing 10 years from now, or even a year from now.

His philosophy is that the customer is who ultimately pays the bills, and so that being said, we know that we must place our service to them above all else. Employees are thoroughly trained in every aspect of customer service, as well as the product line so that regardless of what situation arises, the sales staff will be in a position that they are able to assist the customer and meet their needs.

It’s no wonder then, why the company’s number one advertising medium is word of mouth.

Steve Barbarich is currently the CEO of This article is about choosehottubsdirect reviews of Mr. Steve Barbarich.

Choosehottubsdirect Reviews Steve Barbarich - General

Steve Barbarich has accomplished quite a lot in the business world during his life. Aside from being the CEO of, he is also the CEO of, and

Choosehottubsdirect Reviews Steve Barbarich - Early Life

Steve Barbarich is educated from Harvey Mudd College, one of the premier math science and engineering, as well as liberal arts colleges in the nation. At Harvey Mudd Steve Barbarich was a star soccer player, and earned honors of making the Claremont Harvey Mudd Athletics Hall of Fame, a high honor where athletes have to meet both academic as well as athletic criteria. Graduating with a degree in engineering Steve Barbarich then went on to write his own book, “The Complete Manual on How to Make Money from Your Inventions and Patents”. The book stirred up a lot of buzz with inventors, creating a high demand for Steve Barbarich to speak seminars on the topics of inventing, patenting and marketing. After doing this for a few years, Steve Barbarich went on to start up a few sucessful e commerce websites. was the first e commerce website that Steve Barbarich would start up. Choosehottubsdirect reviews say that the website includes an about choose direct hot tubs section, choose direct hot tubs warranties, delivery information, choose direct hot tubs covers/accessories, online chat feature (for speaking with employees), choosehottubsdirect reviews and a helpful info center for all who want hot tub information., another one Steve Barbarich website has the lowest prices & Free Shipping on built in gas grills, BBQ islands and outdoor kitchens appliances…Highest Quality Cal Flame & Fire Magic built in grills, outdoor sinks, outdoor kitchen cabinets, accessories & drop in grill islands online. They also offer over 50% off & free shipping on all outdoor kitchens appliances & accessories.

The next website that Steve Barbarich created would be Like the name states, is a high traffic retailer of fireplace and stove products such as gas/wood/electric/pellet fireplaces and stoves, inserts, fireboxes, gas log sets and outdoor kitchen appliances.

Choose Hot Tubs Direct CEO Steven Barbarich Maintains Business Philosophy Even During Economically Challenging Times

ChooseHotTubsDirectcom Review: Factory Direct Service

CEO Steven Barbarich of Choose Hot Tubs Direct has managed to weather the global recession as more consumers shop online as an alternative to high mark ups on the price that are found in traditional retail venues. The e-commerce start-up totes a factory-direct business model that eliminates the middlemen, permitting us offer the most affordable wholesale prices on its portable spas and hot tubs. Steve Barbarich's internal team of technically-versed sales persons & customer service representatives are able to assist online shoppers with an effective & consistent sales process.

Choose Hot Tubs Direct are able to offer customers the most economical option during these lean times, without compromising their progressive business philosophy. While your standard retail store needs 40% to 45% margins just to stay afloat in the portable spa and hot tubs business, ChooseHotTubsDirect can operate on margins as low as 30% through its factory direct e-commerce business model.

These days, selection is even more crucial for shoppers, as mainstream frugality takes hold. This situation is opening the eyes of consumers to other outlets for purchasing high-end products like hot tubs & portable spas. Many consumers are getting more for their dollar by shopping at discount stores and wholesale chains. There are also many consumers that are taking it one step further by doing cost comparisons and purchasing products online. With disposable incomes decreasing, ChooseHotTubsDirect wants consumers to be able to purchase a luxury product such as a portable spa or hot tub.

The typical distribution supply chain goes from manufacturer, to distributor, to retailer to the consumer. At each stop along this route, the price of the product gets inflated considerably. ChooseHotTubsDirect CEO, Steve Barbarich shared his thoughts on the matter and stressed, "I was determined to eliminate all of the middlemen in order to offer every hot tub customer the best deals and lowest prices on all our portable spa Steve Barbarich acknowledges that the secret to the success of Choose Hot Tubs Direct is its ability to maintain close involvement and corrdination with the factories, allowing Choose Hot Tubs Direct to supply the consumer with a quality selection of customizable portable spa & hot tubs products at astoundingly low prices. This unique process also ensures the most efficient purchase from beginning to end.