How Reviews How To Purchase A Hot Tub
Purchasing hottubs from choose direct hot tubs is easy. This guide is reviews of purchasing jacuzzi hot tub from choose direct hot tubs.

1) Go to and decide what kind of hottubs best suits your style / living situation. Are you looking for indoor hottubs, portable jacuzzi hot tubs, cheap refurbished hottubs, free style spas, swim spas exercise choose direct hot tubs, hottubs with more power, 2-4 person hottubs, 5-7 person hottubs, or 8 person huge jacuzzi hot tubs.

2) Figure out which hottubs brand you would like. Check out reviews of brands such as: Island Escape, QCA. Dream Maker, H20 Fitness, Paragon or Raindance choose direct hot tubs.

3) Determine special jacuzzi hot tubs options. They carry luxurious hottubs, hottubs with stereos, jacuzzi hot tubs with TV options, corner spas and hottubs with loungers (comfortable lounging seats like a lazy-e-boy chair)

4) Check the website for choose direct hot tubs clearance sales. Periodically, choose direct hot tubs offer special clearance sale deals with items like free tv/stereo, dvd players, waterfalls and more.

5) Once you have found a product that fits your interests, choose your hottubs interior colors. Choose direct hot tubs usually come with 31 different color options.

6) Decide what synthetic cabinet style you want. This is usually one of 3 different color / style options that closely resemble wood, yet are much more durable and lower maintenance. The best part about these synthetic cabinets is that they are reversible, so if you scratch the cabinet you can reverse it and it looks new! Kinda like that trick many people use to make their couch cushions look new after a spill that stains the cushion...

7) Read the reviews of that particular item, and make sure it sounds like the jacuzzi hot tubs of your dreams.

8) Closely read over all of the hottubs features including: seating capacity, jets, seating design, jet location, size, electrical, water capacity, dry weight, number of pumps / pump horse power and headrests. Are you sure that this is still what you want? If not start over until you find the perfect match!

9) Check the hottubs price. Can you afford this? Call their toll free number at 1-888-611-TUBS to discuss billing and financing options.

10) Decide special features and addons. This can include: premium popup speakers, circulation pumps, jacuzzi hot tubs covers, cover lifters, polarfoam, jet styles, lighting systems, chemicals along with other options. Read about and research all of these options.

11) Proceed to checkout by credit card online, or call the number mentioned above.

12) Check out choose direct hot tubs accessories. This includes: saunas, gazebos, chemicals, covers, hottubs railings, outdoor fire pits and fireplaces, pH testers and meters, cleaning products, spa lifts, toys and toy storage.

13) Sign up for the choose direct hot tubs newsletter to be reminded of deals.

14) Go through their jacuzzi hot tubs info center to learn more about spas.

15) Refer your friends and earn a quick $300 if they become a customer!