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Choose hot tubs direct Recommendations For Hot Tub Safety

Everybody knows the pleasures of the warm water and therapeutic jets supplied by a hot tub, but most overlook the many problems associated with them. This article is aimed to bring awareness to the public of health issues, risks, and prevention of these problems.

Choosehottubsdirect Safety Recommendations
Choosehottubsdirect Safety Recommendations


Choose hot tubs direct always recommends that you consult with your doctor before using it, and especially when used for therapeutic purposes.

Heart Disease

If you suffer from any diagnosed heart disease, you may have been prescribed anticoagulant drugs designed to thin the blood, making you susceptible to temperature extremes. The heat of the hot tub in conjunction with your medication could cause you to become dizzy, nauseated and weak. If you feel any undesirable effects, you should Immediately leave the hot tub, slowly and carefully. Take a cool, but not too cold shower and drink plenty of fluids.

Blood Pressure and Hot Tubs

People that have high blood pressure have reported that soaking in a hot tub can reduce stress and improve their condition. However, if you have also been prescribed blood pressure medications, these may cause an adverse reaction. As always, recommends that you check with your doctor before entering in a hot tub.

Alcohol and Drugs

Hot water heightens the effects of alcohol and other drugs, and the result can be dangerous and in extreme cases deadly. Alcohol thins the blood and also dehydrates and when combined with the heat of the water, you may become dizzy or faint. It can also make you drowsy enough to fall asleep, slide under the water, which could result in drowning. Choosehottubsdirect recommends that you never use your hot tub with alcohol or any other drugs, and to consult with your doctor regarding the use of prescription drugs.

Children In Your Hot Tub

Children should be introduced into the hot tub slowly to give them time to adjust to the change in temperature. Choose hot tubs direct says that you should never leave your child unattended in your hot tub, or leave them in for longer than 20 minutes.


Choosehottubsdirect does not reccomend using the hot tub during pregnancy unless otherwise noted by a physician.


As a general rule of, twenty minutes is generally the maximum time that should be spent soaking. Hot tubs are not designed for prolonged usage as it quite easy for your body to become overheated and dehydrated.

Electrical Device Hazards

Never use any electrical devices around any bodie of water, or when any portion of your body is wet. Ignoring this rule can result in shock, and even death.

Water borne Infections and Hot Tubs

A combination of inadequately sanitized water and the warm water temperature can provide the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. This in turn can lead to several serious water borne infections and diseases. Choosehottubsdirect recommends that you consult with your doctor immediatly if you notice any redness, blisters, or ear infections after the use of a hot tub.

Choosehottubsdirect Statistics


The main hazard from hot tubs  is the same as that from pools - drowning. Since 1990, choose hot tubs direct has reports of more than 800 deaths in hot tubs with one-fifth of those  coming from children under the age of five. You should always keep a locked safety cover on the spa whenever it is not in use and keep children away unless there is strict adult supervision.

Exceeding Choosehottubsdirect Recommended Temperatures

Every year, there are a handful of deaths from extremely hot water (exceeding 110 degrees F) in a spa. High temperatures can cause drowsiness which may lead to unconsciousness, resulting in going underwater and drowning. In addition, raised body temperature can lead to heat stroke and death. In the year 2000, there were over 3,000 deaths related to exceeding these recommended temperatures.


While not very common, bodypart entrapment (usually by hot tub drains or jets) does happen occasionally and should be avoided. Since 1990, choosehottubsdirect knows of 75 reported incidents resulting in 15 deaths.

Choosehottubsdirect Reviews Hot Tub Lung | Reviews | Hypersensitivity pneumonitis

Hot tub lung can be a dangerous condition that you sure don’t want to have. In this article, choosehottubsdirect reviews what is hot tub lung, prevention and treatment.

What Is Hot Tub Lung?

Hot tub lung, or Hypersensitivity pneumonitis (aka extrinsic allergic alveolitis, EAA in doctor language) is a disease that has become associated with indoor hot tub portable spa use. This disease is fairly rare (thank god), and is also known as “lifeguard lung,” since it can be connected with indoor pools as well. It is often misdiagnosed as other lung diseases, such as tuberculosis,so if you think you might have hot tub lung you should probably be diagnosed by a doctor, and not your friend.

Hot tub is caused by inhaling endotoxins, or fragments of a bacteria which have become aerosolized by the steaming and bubbling water. An outdoor portable spa is much less likely to cause hot tub lung, since there are usually no issues with ventilation. Even with the indoor portable spa and indoor pools, this condition is rare and usually occurs in people who frequently use the hot tub or pool for a long period of time. Hot tub lung is not contagious.

Hot Tub Lung Symptoms reviews of hot tub lung state that symptoms may include coughing, appetite loss, cold sweats, difficulty breathing, weight loss, fever, and fatigue.

Hot Tub Lung Treatment

The first thing you should do if you believe you have hot tub lung is stop using pools, or your portable spa. If you are having difficulty breating, supplemental oxygen might be a good idea. You should see a doctor right away, who might prescribe you Corticosteroids. Doctors are still researching on whether antibiotics are effective in curing hot tub lung.

Hot Tub Lung Prevention

Like most hot tub health problems, hot tub lung can usually be prevented by frequently checking, and using proper amounts of your hot tub sanitizer. Another important thing is to have your portable spa or pool area well ventilated with fresh air, choosehottubsdirect reviews of hot tub lung state. Regularly change the water of your portable spa or pool and check your filters to make sure they are working correctly. When sanitizing your portable spa, run the jets so the entire hot tub comes in contact with the sanitizer, reviews say.

I hope you found this article helpful in answering all your hot tub lung problems. And remember, choosehottubsdirect reviews say that if you ever think you may have hot tub lung, get to a doctor right away.

Sanitize your portable spa and stay safe! Reviews Getting Herpes In Your Hot Tub Spa :(

While it's not very common to contract herpes in your hot tub spa, it is possible and you should be aware of it. This post are reviews of contracting herpes in your jacuzzi hot tubs, including the most likely places to get it, and prevention.

About Herpes

Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease, which is a disease that you usually get by having sex with someone who already has the disease. While you are safe from contracting most sexually transmitted diseases in your jacuzzi hot tubs, you might not always be so lucky when it comes to herpes. Genital herpes is a viral infection caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). Once you are infected with herpes, the virus stays in your body for life, so if you have it maybe you shouldn't enter a hot tub spa that other people use. You can give herpes to another person if you have sex when your herpes virus is active. Herpes simplex virus remains in certain nerve cells of the body forever, and can produce symptoms off and on in some infected people, choosehottubsdirect reviews state.

The Most Likely Places to Get Herpes In Your Hot Tub Spa

It's possible to contract genital herpes from sitting on a plastic-coated hot tub seat that hasn't been in contact with chlorinated water (such as an upper step or side, even your jacuzzi hot tubs railing). Herpes simplex virus, which causes genital herpes, can survive for up to four and a half hours on such a surface in your hot tub spa.

Preventing Herpes In Your Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

The best way to prevent herpes in your jacuzzi hot tubs is to know exactly who goes into your hot tub spa, and if they have it. If you aren't sure and want to be certain that you are safe from the virus, then it's best not to get into your bathing suit and enter the hot tub. Proper use of hot tub spa sanitizers is crucial as well. The proper use of these sanitizers will kill the virus but remember what I said earlier, places not in contact of the water might be holding the virus. It's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the herpes virus and your jacuzzi hot tubs!

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